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Portland, Oregon


I'm inspired by so much that at times it can be overwhelming. There are days when ideas, song lyrics, random thoughts are competing for attention – I’m typically out of bed by 3:30 am. The modern greats have left a significant impact on my personal style: Warhol, Kline, Basquiat, Rothko, Lichtenstein, Pollock, Takashi, Kakinuma.


My Mini paintings are inspired by Kline and Kakinuma and I love their bold simplicity, standing alone or in a grouping. The Kokeshi Doll Heads was where the Mini Collection began, and inspired the rest – Abstracts, Hearts, LOVE, Orchids, Wagasa (based on Chinese/Japanese umbrellas) and Hebi (my Japanese birth symbol). 


My larger graffiti-esque paintings are a nod to my career as a Creative Director. Seeing items in different contexts provides depth and dimension to those elements. I’m heavily inspired and influenced by the masterful way Asian culture can make simple items so elegant and combine ancient themes in vibrant and modern works – it’s gorgeous. On most of my bigger pieces you will see Chinese takeout cartons, origami animals, chopsticks, and vintage Chinese matchbook art mixed with vintage cartoons, song lyrics, words that get stuck in my head, favorite logos, numbers, etc... You’ll find I like to repeat these visual elements – something of a  personal style  the many sides to me. If I had to sum up my art, I would say it contains snapshots from my mind over the course a day/month/year/life.

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